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Park Ridge Futsal Club is conveniently located in Logan shire and caters for all playing abilities and ages. Male, female, juniors & seniors there is something for everyone. So why not get a group  of mates together from school, work or neighborhood and enjoy the fun that is 'Futsal'. If you would like more information on the current set of programs, click the 'get involved' link above or contact us on the details listed.

Junior Fixtures Summer 2023/24: 

Monday 4th March, 2024 - Finals & Playoff Games:

5:50 pm Playoff (9's) - Ronaldo Rockets Vs Cool Runnings

6:30 pm Final (9's) - Hawks Vs Thunder

7:10 pm Playoff (13's) - Logan Metro 1 Vs Logan Metro (Black) 

5:50 pm Final (7's) - Wombats Vs Cobras

6:30 pm Final (11's) - Jimmy Dogs Vs Dynamites

7:10 pm Final (13's) - Condors Vs Logan Metro 2 

5:50 pm (7's) - Rebals Vs Dinosaurs

6:30 pm Playoff (7's) - Eagles Vs Leopards 

7:10 pm Playoff (11's) - Bin Chickens Vs Sloths 


Semi Finals - Results:

SF1 (7's) - Wombats (13) Def Leopards (0)

SF2 (7's) - Cobras (3) Def Eagles (0) 

SF1 (13's) - Condors (10) Def Metro Black (2)

SF1 (9's) - Hawks (7) Def Cool Runnings (0) 

SF2 (9's) - Thunder (3) Def Ronaldo Rockets (1)   

SF2 (13's) - Logan Metro 2 (10) Def Logan Metro 1 (3)

(7's) - Rebals (New) 

SF1 (11's) - Jimmy Dogs (15) Def Sloths (2) 

SF2 (11's) - Dynamites (7) Def Bin Chickens (4)   


Table 7's:                                                       Table 9's:

1st - Wombats - 30 Pts                             1st - Hawks - 24 Pts

2nd - Cobras - 12 Pts                                 2nd - Thunder - 18 Pts

3rd - Eagles - 9 Pts                                     3rd - Ronaldo Rockets - 15 Pts

4th - Leopards - 8 Pts                               4th - Cool Runnings - 3 Pts

5th - Rebals - 0 Pts

Table 11's:                                                       Table 13's: 

1st - Jimmy Dogs - 30 Pts                        1st - Condors - 21 Pts 

2nd - Dynamites - 15 Pts                           2nd - Logan Metro 2 - 16 Pts 

3rd - Bin Chickens - 7 Pts                          3rd - Logan Metro 1 - 15 Pts

4th - Sloths - 7 Pts                                        4th - Metro Black - 7 Pts

Win - 3 Points   Draw - 1 Point   Loss - 0 Points   

NB: In the evant teams are tied on points then the team with the most goals for will be placed higher.


We facilitate Futsal competitions for both juniors & seniors. Teams may enter the competition as full teams (minimum 5 players, 7 players recommended) made up of friends from the neighborhood, school, work place or sports club. You may start the competition with 5 nominated players and can then add to the team sheet during the season. Please note a player ‘Must’ play a minimum 5 round / fixture games to be eligible to play in the finals. Alternatively you can nominate as an individual in which case we will find you a team to play in.

Summer season of Futsal will run during school term 4, 2023 & school term 1, 2024 (no games are played during school holiday’s for juniors) and finish at the end of February, 2024  with finals and play off games. Games are played Monday afternoon / night for juniors.

Kick off times for juniors are 5:50, 6:30 & 7:10 pm The younger age groups get the earlier times. Junior games are 2 x 16 minute halves.

Once the competition proper commences we recommend your team wears the same colored t/shirts or jerseys. In the event where two teams clash in colour we then provide playing bibs.

Cost to play is $190 per player. This includes player registration, all game fees, insurances and finals / play off games.

To nominate yourself or team please email  

Forfeited Games – If the situation arises where a team is unable to field a team on the date and time their match is scheduled this match is deemed to be a forfeit. It will be the responsibility of the team that is forfeiting the match to advise the centre manager, ‘NO LESS’ than 24 hours prior to the commencement of fixture. Failure to give 24 hours notice will result in a one match fee penalty which will have to be paid prior to next fixture game. The team forfeited against will receive full match points and the score is recorded as a 3 - 0 win.

Every year players (male & female) are selected from our clubs to represent ‘Logan’ at the Regional State Futsal Championships. Age groups include Juniors & Seniors (male & female) and the tournament will be held over a weekend in February, 2024 (Seniors) and the Easter long weekend, 2024 for the Juniors. From these competitions players are then identified to represent Queensland.

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