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10 & 11 Years


Hawaii (Honolulu)


December 2021


Whether you travelling as a player or a supporter, the Hawaii Tour is nothing short of a crowd pleaser.  Over the last few years we have built strong relationships with Maui Futsal and continue to work in conjunction with US Futsal and Hawaii Futsal to produce our amazing Hawaiian Tours.

The tour is based on one island, either Maui or Big Island depending on what tournaments are on at the time.  Both are spectacular in their own rights.  The luscious tropical gardens of Maui or the diverse terrain of Big Island are both wonderful locations.


The Hawaii Tour is split into a few different categories.  Of course you have your training and games first and foremost.  Training is split across the entire tour for the benefit of the teams progression.  After the first couple of days of training, most times we take part in a tournament against local teams.  This is followed by more games throughout the remaining days.

Off the court you have your golden beaches, snorkelling, and other spectacular landmarks to see. 


Hawaii offers a cultural experience that you will never forget.  The culture of the Native Hawaiians is about 1500 years old and has its origins in the Polynesians who voyaged to and settled Hawaii. These Native Hawaiians developed culinary, artistic, and religious culture and practices, all of which we endeavour to ensure you experience.  If you haven't watched the movie 'Moana', before going on this tour, I strongly suggest you do.


Generally on the last two days of the tour is spent on Oahu at Honolulu.  You can view the amazing sunset at Waikiki, shop to your hearts content at the factory outlet and visit historic Pearl Harbor. 

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