17 Boys & Girls


Italy (Rome, Florence, Naples)


December 2021


As soon as you hear the word Italy, you may think of mouth watering pizza and pasta and amazing coffee.  For us, it's an opportunity to show you a part of the world that is truly exquisite.  The AFA Italy tour takes you to the bustling capital city, Rome, and the regional areas of Naples and Florence.

The tour is divided into two components, playing and training and sightseeing.  While it is a Futsal tour, there is a focus on the sights as we believe we would not do you justice having not shown you as much as we can.  From Ancient Rome and the Vatican, to Pompeii and the Tuscan region, including Pisa. 


Our extremely generous host is Sporting Club Marconi.  They will assist us with coaching and preparation of games while in Rome.  As we venture to Naples and Florence, regional clubs will host us. 2017 was the inaugural year for the Italy Tour and our visit raised a lot of interest, with several clubs awaiting our return in coming years.