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Code of Conduct/Ethics

Individual Coaches and Managers are required to issue and enforce their respective codes of conduct/ethics.

Coaches and Team Officials are prohibited from wearing uniforms that identify them as members of or advertise private futsal clubs, programs or academies that are not affiliated with Australian Futsal Association. 

The distribution of marketing materials is not allowed with the written approval of the Australian Futsal Association during all tournaments and events.

The conduct of all players, team officials, referees, tournament officials and spectators who participate in Australian Futsal School Tournaments is governed by a Codes of Conduct/Ethics generally accepted as endorsing the values of fair play, respect and tolerance but not limited to:

  1. Co-operation with tournament, venue and game officials, or their delegates

  2. Compliance with venue rules and guidelines.

  3. Behaving in a professional, responsible and courteous manner towards participants, team officials, referees, tournament officials and spectators.

  4. Adherence to the Laws of the Game

  5. Participation in the spirit of the game

  6. Refraining from the use of offensive, abusive or insulting language and/or gestures

  7. Refraining from behaviour that is violent or offensive

  8. Refraining from engaging behaviour that aims to harass or discriminate against other persons on the grounds of race, sex, religion, or for any other reason.

  9. Abstaining from the use, possession or promotion of any banned substance or drugs of dependence.

  10. Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated. Players will be suspended from all future games regardless of the competition, for the remainder of the year.  This includes instigating or retaliating.

  11. Failure to comply with the Codes of Conduct as set out in the document may result in the offender/s being dismissed from venues or suspended from play or officiating for a fixed period of time and/or indefinitely

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