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AFA to revitalise Futsal in Coffs Harbour

The Australian Futsal Association have started work to improve Futsal in Coffs Harbour, Northern New South Wales.

In commitment to our mission statement, AFA wants to develop Futsal in all parts of Australia and a series of new projects headed up by Byron Escobar will transform the Futsal landscape in Coffs Harbour.

Byron’s work is already underway with his highly anticipated feeder schools programme and one-to-one sessions. As restrictions continue to ease, the area will benefit from the introduction of Futsal academies, junior competitions and senior competitions that will cover kids from as young as U7s to open adults.

Earlier this year Byron was appointed technical director in Northern New South Wales as the AFA had identified the area to be in need of rejuvenation. Byron’s mission is to help create a lasting structure to improve and grow the sport in all aspects in the area. This framework will enable Coffs Harbour to develop local talent to create regional and national teams to compete all over Australia.

Subsequently, an increase in participation will create a bigger pool of players and the new Futsal academies will provide a pathway for elite players to train weekly and prepare them to compete against the best players in Australia.

Speaking on the new project, Byron Escobar said:

“I want to be able to leave a lasting structure, if I ever move back along to Queensland or another state I can look back and say, ‘hey that’s a structure that I was able to help’. It’s not only about Futsal for the players, but I also want to help out the referees and coaches in the region.”

However, it was not an easy transition into the role for Byron who described the difficulties he faced starting the job just days before a lockdown:

“It was a bit of a delayed start for me. I was out and about for 3 days and was ready to get going. I was actually doing a referee course when the news broke that I had 2 hours to get home before lockdown came in. After that we were locked down for 4 weeks.

“It was a bit difficult, but it also gave me lots of time to plan and iron out any of the small issues that we may have. So, we are now definitely ready to step up our mark here in Coffs (Habour).”

Now that Byron can get the people of Coffs Harbour back on the court, he is excited to see what influence his new projects can have on the community:

“I like the impacts that happen off the court, you get to see them develop as a person more than a player and you get to see them grow into an adult through the years. I think that’s the most rewarding part of it.

“Back yourself, a lot of people don’t join the early teams because they don’t think they are going to be able to make it. Back yourself, talk to your local coordinators, ask for their advice and weave your way through.

“Also, if there’s any parents thinking about wanting to coach, I’m more than happy to sit them down and talk through the educational courses that we run.

“Get in touch, ask the question, whether you want to do it full-time or just help out and get a taste of it, we are more than happy to accommodate. If you are on the fence about it, please just give me a call and we can take it from there.”

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