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Victorian State league rounds off with exciting finalé

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

With the ever growing Victorian State Futsal League growing in standard and reputation, it was no surprise to see an absolutely packed stadium for the final round and finals this past Sunday at Ballarat Futsal Centre.

In several age groups the competition was wide open whilst in some ages one dominant side was looking to not falter come finals time.

8 boys age group was dominated by the Ballarat FC - Futsal Club side with several exciting youngsters in the side seeing them go all the way to finals victory, whilst this was the case it was equally as exciting to see the development and improvement throughout the competition of Bendigo Futsal United who had a side that were majority first time players and had come from winning one match on the opening weekend only to coming through with a grand final appearance.

10 boys was once again showing some quality coming through the ranks with this age usually having players who make a huge development step after their first nationals as 9 year olds in January. This shone through with the Melbourne United team which swept all before them on the way to a comprehensive final win against Ballarat FC.

12 Boys was the showcase age group of the state league with 6-7 sides still vying for finals positions on the final day and capable of winning the entire competition. Ballarat FC and East City Royals went into the day undefeated before the Royals won an epic encounter at the start of the day to wrestle away top spot, other games went to plan for Melbourne United who snuck into the finals and Bendigo United also with a very strong side featuring several National champions also entered the semi final stage. East City Royals and Ballarat FC squared off in the grand final in what was almost a carbon copy of the Nationals final held in Sydney for the under 10s albeit a few different players in each side, the game was absolutely outstanding and ended 5-4 to see the Royals retain their state league crown.

14 Boys saw a Ballarat FC side who had limped through the groups come out on top over Ranges FC, the final featuring once again many national champions in this one.

16 Boys saw Macedon Ranges Futsal pick up the crown after dominating from start to finish in the competition, deserving winners overall.

Next on the calendar are the state futsal trials in Vic Country before we see the State Futsal Titles bring some of these sides back together again for another chance of bragging rights.

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