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Youth Men & Women


Chile (Talca & Santiago)


May & October


Discover the Ultimate Futsal Adventure in Chile!

Gear up for an exceptional futsal experience in the heart of South America's futsal culture, as we take you on our exclusive Futsal Tour to Chile, covering the captivating cities of Talca and Santiago. Lace up your boots and dive into the world of futsal like never before!

Our adventure begins in Talca, a charming city in the Maule Region of Chile. Talca is more than just a destination; it's a futsal haven where the passion for the sport is palpable. Stroll through its vibrant streets and connect with locals who share unique cultural insights.

On this tour, you'll engage in friendly matches with local teams, forging connections and sharing your love for futsal. Talca's futsal scene is a hidden treasure and you'll have the privilege of being a part of it.

Beyond futsal, Talca offers a rich cultural experience. Explore its historic architecture, savor delectable Chilean cuisine and enjoy the serene beauty of the Maule Region's vineyards and countryside.

From Talca, we'll whisk you away to Santiago, Chile's dynamic capital where futsal meets urban excitement. Santiago is a bustling hub of futsal action and our tour ensures you'll have a taste of the action.

When you're not on the futsal court, Santiago has much more to offer. Explore its historic neighborhoods, take in the breathtaking Andes Mountains and savor Chile's world-famous cuisine. Don't miss the chance to sample traditional Chilean street food as you explore bustling markets.

Our Futsal Tour to Chile promises an unforgettable adventure, whether you're a passionate player, a fervent fan, or an explorer seeking a cultural experience. This tour is designed to leave you with cherished memories.

Book your spot today and be part of this extraordinary futsal expedition in Chile. Discover why Chile is the ultimate destination for futsal enthusiasts worldwide. Join us on this remarkable journey where futsal passion meets the beauty and culture of Chile!

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