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14 Boys & 14 Girls


United Kingdom United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales)


April & October 2023

United Kingdom

The UK tour is one of Futsal dreams with every player in modern times excited about the opportunity to see the English Premier League and also discover our motherland.


Showing the full extent of variety within the UK, we travel to Wales, Scotland and England throughout the journey with highlights being some of the best tourist attractions including Edinburgh's famous Castle and of course London's attractions.


Whilst there are some exciting tourist adventures, Premier League games, Stadium tours and all that the players can imagine we also prioritize Futsal on the tour with stops at UEFA Futsal Cup club Wrexham Futsal and Perth Saltires Futsal hosting parts of the tour aswell as many of England's famous Futsal clubs.


Players will compete in friendly matches and round robins against their British counterparts as well as receiving training sessions from their coach and the local club coaches.

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