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School titles surge in ACT

AFA is delighted to see the growth of our School Futsal Titles in ACT!

Programme leader Adam Villatobas said: "In the space of 4 weeks our team in Australia's capital has opened the floodgates to Futsal in ACT schools."

"After visiting multitudes of schools ranging from public to private, Primary to Secondary including colleges - ACT Futsal are proud to announce that they have now processed 74 teams from 25 schools with more schools getting onboard by the minute for the ACT SCHOOLS TITLES being held from the 23-25 March 2020."

"We expect this to be one of many schools competition in the ACT providing every child the opportunity to experience the Futsal game and also recognising some outstanding talent from the ACT." To sign up please click here to contact Adam. If you are based in an area which doesn't run School Futsal Titles and would like to help establish them, click here to get in touch.

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