Why should you become an AFA Referee? We need you! We can't have games without Referees. More importantly, Refereeing is a fun, exciting way to be involved with Futsal. Not only do you get to be involved in the fastest and most exciting sport, but it’s a great way to meet new and interesting people.


Referees are critical to Futsal - the game can't be played without them. The Referee's job is to be the official in charge of the game. They are the independent arbiter and manager of the game. Their authority extends to everyone at the court, including players, substitutes, team officials, spectators, and even the Second Referee.


The Referee's number one concern is to keep the game as safe as possible for the players. While there is risk in all sports, the Referee is responsible for minimising such risks from court conditions, equipment, spectators, and the players. The Referee is responsible for enforcing the Laws of the Game in such a way as to keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone: the players, the coaches, the spectators and themselves.


Referees interfere with the game as little as possible, avoiding making calls for doubtful and trifling offences. Referees only make calls for offences they are sure occurred. We want our players to continue to play, and they keep playing as long as it is fun. Referees learn that fun Futsal varies from age group to age group of players. ​ Our Referee Courses will teach you the fundamentals of the Referee’s involvement in the game


2020 Dates released

DAY                              DATE                                 COURSE                    VENUE

Sunday                    9th February 2020         Referee                  Oxley (98 Factory Rd Oxley)

Saturday                7th March 2020               Referee                  Regional**

Sunday                   3rd May 2020                  Referee                  Regional**     

Sunday                   17th May  2020                 Referee                  Oxley

Saturday                6th JUne 2020                  Referee                  Regional**

Saturday                25th July 2020                  Refresher               Oxley

Saturday                1st August 2020                Referee                  Oxley

Sunday                  2nd August 2020              Refresher               Oxley

Saturday               15th August 2020              Referee                   Oxley

Saturday               22nd August 2020            Refresher                Oxley

Sunday                  6th September 2020       Referee                   Regional**

Saturday               3rd October 2020            Referee                   Oxley

Sunday                  18th October 2020           Referee                   Regional**

Saturday               7th November 2020         Referee                  Oxley

** Regional venues are decided by demand for course.

All courses commence at 8.45am sharp- concluding approx 2-3pm

All attendees require pen/notebook plus any food or drink needed for the day.

Ian Bentall 0417 070 148

State Contacts

Qld - Ian Bentall 04117 070 148

NSW - Steve Parsons –

Victoria - Corey Smith 0437 935 991

Tasmania -  Romeo Frediani 0438 735 562

West Australia - Greg Farrell 0438 125 897


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