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ACT School Futsal Titles

Choose from the menu below or alternatively email for further information regarding your region's School Titles or assistance with registering your teams please email - We can also arrange for an information package to be sent out to your school detailing our program in full.


26th March, 27th March, 3rd April, 4th April, 5th April.


MPowerdome Stadium





Age Groups

26th March: 𝗛͟𝗶͟𝗴͟𝗵͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟳͟/͟𝟴͟)͟
U14 Boys, U14 Girls.

27th April: 𝗣͟𝗿͟𝗶͟𝗺͟𝗮͟𝗿͟𝘆͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟱͟/𝟲)
U12 Boys, U12 Girls.

3rd April: 𝗛͟𝗶͟𝗴͟𝗵͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟵͟/͟𝟭͟𝟬͟)͟
U16 Boys, U16 Girls.

4th April: 𝗣͟𝗿͟𝗶͟𝗺͟𝗮͟𝗿͟𝘆͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟯͟/͟𝟰͟)
U8 Mixed, U10 Girls, U10 Boys.

5th April: 𝗖͟𝗼͟𝗹͟𝗹͟𝗲͟𝗴͟𝗲͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟭͟𝟭͟/͟𝟭͟𝟮͟)
U19 Boys, U19 Girls

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