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Welcome to the online home of Australian Futsal Association's School Futsal Program.

Established in 1990, growing bigger every year! In 2023 we had over 300 Australian Schools and over 1500 teams compete in stage one. That's over 12000 students playing in our school Futsal Titles


School Futsal Titles (Stage 1 in our program) offers all school age children the opportunity to play Futsal and compete against other school teams in a professionally run competition. Each specific region has tailor made pathways and structures designed to suit their area.  click here to find out more about specific school titles.


Stage 1 rounds are conducted at regional levels all across the country. For example, schools in Tasmania will compete at either Hobart School Titles, North West School Tiles or Launceston School Titles (or all of these) for the chance to progress to the next round (State Champion of Champions - Stage 2) Teams must finish within the top 4 ranked positions of their age group to qualify. (If competing in the South East Qld School Titles the top eight will progress)

School Titles are run as a round robin style day of play. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 4 games. Generally finals are held on your day of play for your age division. Your team is only required to be at the event for one of the scheduled days e.g. Monday 12/13/14 Girls all play etc (Brisbane Metro is the only School Titles that holds a separate finals day).

You can enter any School Titles you would like to participate in and can enter more than one.

The fee for entering into the program may vary from region to region. You can also purchase additional optional player insurance at a cost of $7.00 per player.

If you enter 11 teams into our Schools Competition you will receive a 12th entry free of charge. Please email

School Titles Calendar

Each of our School Titles has its own individual webpage. Browse the list below and click on a School Title for full information.

Age Groups
Hobart School Futsal Titles
15th, 16th, 17th, 21st, 22nd May 2024
Futsal Institute Tasmania
15th May - Primary, 16th May Grades 7/8 boys, 17th May Grades 9/10 boys, 21st May Girls Grade 7-10, 22nd May college
Western Australia School Futsal
Manning School Titles
20th - 24th May
Saxby Basketball Stadium
10 & 12 Boys & Girls 13's, 14's, 15's Boys 16's & 19's Boys 13's, 15's, 19's Girls
Northwest School Futsal Titles
8th, 9th, 10th May 2024
Devonport Recreation Centre
Wednesday 8th May -9 s - 10s boys and girls Thursday 9th May grade 7s - 8s boys and girls Friday 10th May grade - Primary grade 3 - 6s boys and girls
ACT School Futsal Titles
26th March, 27th March, 3rd April, 4th April, 5th April.
MPowerdome Stadium
26th March: 𝗛͟𝗶͟𝗴͟𝗵͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟳͟/͟𝟴͟)͟ U14 Boys, U14 Girls. 27th April: 𝗣͟𝗿͟𝗶͟𝗺͟𝗮͟𝗿͟𝘆͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟱͟/𝟲) U12 Boys, U12 Girls. 3rd April: 𝗛͟𝗶͟𝗴͟𝗵͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟵͟/͟𝟭͟𝟬͟)͟ U16 Boys, U16 Girls. 4th April: 𝗣͟𝗿͟𝗶͟𝗺͟𝗮͟𝗿͟𝘆͟ ͟𝗦͟𝗰͟𝗵͟𝗼͟𝗼͟𝗹͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟯͟/͟𝟰͟) U8 Mixed, U10 Girls, U10 Boys. 5th April: 𝗖͟𝗼͟𝗹͟𝗹͟𝗲͟𝗴͟𝗲͟ ͟(͟𝗬͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗿͟ ͟𝟭͟𝟭͟/͟𝟭͟𝟮͟) U19 Boys, U19 Girls
Manning School Futsal Titles
2024 Dates TBC
Taree Saxbys Stadium (Taree basketball stadium)
Coffs Coast School Futsal Titles
30th & 31st May 2024
Sports Central
Coffs Harbour
Thursday 30th - 15,16,19 Boys and Girls Friday 31st - 10, 12, 13, 14 Boys and Girls
Sunshine Coast School Futsal Titles
22nd, 23rd, 24th April 2024
Caloundra Sports Centre
Sunshine Coast
New England School Futsal Titles
7th & 8th March 2024
Tamworth Sports Dome
U19 Boys, U19 Girls
NNSW / Central Coast
Central Coast/Newcastle/Upper Hunter/Lake Macquarie
Northern Rivers School Titles
2024 Dates TBC
Cavanbah Indoor Centre - Byron Bay
Bryon Bay
West Vic School Titles
27th - 30th May
VU Sport - Victoria University
Monday 27th May - 8's, 10's & 12's Boys and Girls Tuesday 28th May - 13's & 14's Boys Wednesday 29th May - 15's & 16's & 19's Boys Thursday 30th May - 14's & 16's & 19's Girls
Bundaberg School Futsal Titles
29th, 30th April, 1st and 2nd May 2024
Bundaberg PCYC
Townsville School Futsal Titles
9th & 10th May
Townsville Sports Precinct Stadium
Thursday 9th May - 8's, 9's, 10's Mixed Friday 10th May - 11's, 12's, 13's Boys and Girls
Fraser Coast School Futsal Titles
27th Feb - 1st March 2024
Hervey Bay PCYC
Hervey Bay
U8 Mixed, U10 Girls, U10 Boys.
Brisbane Metro (formally SEQ) School Futsal Titles
26th Feb - 12th March (finals 26/27/28 March) 2024
Hibiscus Sports Centre /Nissan Arena
South West School Futsal Titles
11th - 15th March 2024
USQ Clive Berghofer Recreation Centre
Monday 11th March - 14,15 BOYS @ UNI SQ Baker Street Tuesday 12th March - 10's & 12's Boys @ UNI SQ Baker Street, 10's & 12's Girls @ The Glennie School Wednesday 13th March - 14,15 Girls @The Glennie School, 13 Boys & Girls @ UNI SQ Baker Street Thursday 14th March - 16,19 BOYS @ UNI SQ Baker Street Friday 15th March - 16, 19 GIRLS @ UNI SQ Baker Street
East Melbourne School Titles
29th April - 2nd May & 8th May 2024
Monash University
U12 Boys, U12 Girls.
North Qld School Futsal Titles
2024 Dates TBC
All Age Groups
Rockhampton School Titles
2024 Dates TBC
USQ - Rockhampton
North Rockhampton
12's - 19's Boys and Girls
Gold Coast School Futsal Titles
7th, 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th & 15th May
Coomera Indoor Sports Centre
Gold Coast
7th May - 13 Boys and 13,14 Girls 9th May - 14, 15 Boys 10th May - 16, 19 Boys 13th May 10-12 Girls & 12 Boys 14th May 8-11 Boys 15th May - 15, 16 & 19 Girls
North Brisbane School Futsal Titles
21st & 23rd May 2024
Southpine Sports Complex
21st May -12/13/14/15 & 16 Boys 23rd May 19 Boys & 12/13/14/16/19 Girls
Launceston School Futsal Titles
28th, 29th, 30th May 2024
Elphin Sports Centre
Tuesday 28th May grades 3 to 4 boys and girls Wednesday 29th May grade 5 to 6 boys and  girls Thursday 30th May College under 19s and High school grades 7/8, 9/10s girls and boys
Whitsundays School Futsal Titles
22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th April and 1st May 2024
Sarina SHS
Monday 22nd - 8/9/10 - Boys and Girls Tuesday 23rd - 11/12- Boys and Girls Monday 29th April - 13/14 /15 Boys Tuesday 30th April - 13/14/15/16/19 Girls Wednesday 1st May - 16/19 Boys
South Tasmanian School Titles
2023 Dates TBC
Huon Valley PCYC
11/12's - 16th of June
Victoria Country School Titles
2022 Dates TBC
Ballarat Netaball Centre
All Age Groups
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