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Northwest School Futsal Titles

We conduct a range of tournaments at regional, state and national levels. These are open to all primary and secondary based schools all across Australia. Each specific region or states have tailored made pathways and structures designed to suit their areas. These are all directly connected and monitored by the National Australian Futsal Association Schools and Development Departments.

School Tournaments offer the chance for young and aspiring athletes to compete against other teams in a professionally run competition. AFA competitions give players a chance to develop their skills and strengthen relations with other players and schools.

Choose from the menu below or alternatively email for further information regarding your region's School Titles or assistance with registering your teams.


8th, 9th, 10th May 2024


Devonport Recreation Centre





Age Groups

Wednesday 8th May -9 s - 10s boys and girls
Thursday 9th May grade 7s - 8s boys and girls
Friday 10th May grade - Primary grade 3 - 6s boys and girls

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